Facts on Homelessness in Clark County


Homeless people have jobs, some more than one


People who are housed have the same rate of addiction as those who are un-housed.


Annual income needed to afford a studio apartment in Clark County


Why Us, Why You? Why Now?

See the difference you make with us

  • Support a faith-based movement dedicated to the mission that everyone gets a home.

  • Reduce your church’s need to research, study and analyze housing issues on your own.

  • Join a group of resourceful, informed and motivated churches and individuals who are up to date on the latest local housing issues and opportunities.

  • Partner with FP4H for strength in numbers. Mobilizing the faith community to tackle housing issues together and in union sends a clear message to our local government leaders that we are united in tackling one of the main civic issues of our times. Affordable housing for all.

  • Provide input now into long range housing plans and policies for a better future that provides a home for everyone.