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We can Create Home Together

Homesharing is simple:  A home provider offers accommodation to a home seeker in exchange for an agreed level of support in the form of financial exchange, assistance with household tasks, or simple companionship.

Home sharing is about a relationship as well as a rental.  Home seekers and home providers self-select each other.

The Home Share Program Provides:

  • A way for home seekers to find below market rent, suggested at $400-$600 per month.  This amount may be adjusted when the home seeker and home provider agree to provide assistance with household tasks for reduced rent.

  •  Safety and security that home seekers and providers are looking for.  Both home seekers and providers are background checked, personal references are consulted and individuals are vetted by staff of the home share program.   Our staff and qualified volunteers are trained to carefully screen each program applicant through interviewing, background checks, and personal references.

  • Information on fair housing laws, drafting a home share agreement, and more.

  • Below market rent that is affordable to seniors on fixed incomes.

  • Additional income for the senior home provider to offset rising costs of property taxes, maintenance and upkeep.

  • Seniors opportunity to age in place by creating the circumstances needed to keep seniors living in their homes for as long as they can with a little help and additional income.

Home seekers include individuals who are experiencing job insecurity resulting from layoffs during COVID-19 and minimum wage workers paying rent  $1200-1500 a month, dedicating more than 50-75% of their income to housing costs.

Home Share benefits neighborhoods by making efficient use of existing housing stock, helping to preserve the fabric of the neighborhood and, in certain cases, helps lessen the need for costly chore/care services and long-term institutional care. The lone senior who needs help mowing the lawn, moving garbage cans and raking leaves can have a little assistance with chores that maintain the livability of a neighborhood.

The Home Share program helps senior citizens, persons with disabilities, working professionals, students, those at-risk of homelessness, single parents, or simply persons wishing to share their life and home with others. For these people, home sharing offers companionship, affordable housing, security, mutual support and much more.

The Home Share program recognizes the challenge of rising health care and housing costs and longer lives lived.

We believe quality of life is greatly enhanced through countless emotional and physical benefits derived from home sharing. Those who home share grow older together, and instead of loneliness and isolation, find lasting companionship.


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