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Our Mission:

To expand affordable housing in Clark County, WA by mobilizing our shared resources. 

We are a coalition of faith-based communities and individuals, open to all faith traditions.

What We Do

Ways to Make A Difference


Positive change through policy

FP4H advocates for affordable housing by organizing letter writing campaigns to our local, state and federal government. Most recently, FP4H testified in support of HB 1182, state legislation to fund home share programs by using existing document recording fees.
We prepare written and oral testimony for our members to testify before City of Vancouver and Clark County boards to advocate for affordable housing and support for addressing homelessness.


Winter Housing Option -WHO

Keeping people out of the cold

FP4H members support the Winter Hospitality Overflow by organizing churches and volunteers to house individuals experiencing homelessness during severe winter weather.  Members help by preparing the rooms to be used overnight, welcoming individuals to come in out of the cold and spend the night in one of many churches that open their doors and offer snacks, drinks, supplies, safety, security and warm clothing.  


Analysis of Local Homelessness

We Bring It To You

FP4H has prepared an in-depth study and analysis of homelessness in Clark County.  This presentation has been made to churches and other organization as a way to raise awareness in our community about who experiences homelessness and what we can do to help.  If your church, community organization, school or neighborhood group would like to have a presentation on homelessness, just contact us to arrange a presentation. 


Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Since our founding in 20i5, Faith Partners 4 Housing has worked to help uphold a more just and inclusive community. We’re very proud of our legislative advocacy, our on the street activism, our Home Share program, and advocating for the greater good, right here in Vancouver, Washington. We are a volunteer staff dedicated to upholding  dignity 4 all.


Darla Borella

Newsletter Designer and Editor

Darla comes to us from Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church.

Mark Maggiora


Mark comes to us from Memorial Lutheran Church.

Curt Stone


Curt comes to us as a retired diplomat and Member -- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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